Monday, October 28, 2013


Alright then, I'm quite excited to start posting here x3
but, lets not dilly-dally any longer!

Night fell over the land. The storms came, gentle rain tapping on the ground at first, but gradually getting louder and heavier. Soon, the sky was lit with thunder and lightning, and rain poured down onto the ground. A dark shape flew across the sky, clutching a satchel. It veered to the left as a streak of lightning flashed to its right.
"Gah, stupid storms," it muttered, shaking water off its head. The shape was a dragon, a Night Fury, to be exact. She looked over her shoulder nervously, as if someone..or something was following her. After scanning her surroundings for about 5 minutes, she seemed satisfied and dove.
The ground raced up at a very fast speed, but at the last moment, she pulled up, barely avoiding getting flattened into a pancake. Landing on the ground, the Night Fury looked over her shoulder one last time, and darted into a hole that hadn't been there before.

Long, winding tunnels stretched across the underground network. Umbra (or Umbrello, her code name), ran across the one she had came in from. Some tunnels lead to rooms. Others lead to other tunnels. Along the way, Umbra bumped into a small tiger who was hurrying towards the kitchen. She glanced down at it.
"Uh, hi. Newbie 3, is it?"
The tiger nodded. "Umbrello?"
"Aren't you the candy maker?"
The tiger shuffled her paws nervously. "Uh, yeah."
Umbra looked left, and then right, then back at Newbie 3. "I have a favor to ask of you. Do you think you could get some minions for me? We need to have a meeting."
Newbie 3 nodded. "But who are they?"
Umbra began listing off the names.
After she had finished, Newbie 3 seemed like it was processing all the information, trying to remember the minions' names. She could almost see her brain working.
"Okay, will do!" she darted off.
"Oh, remember to tell them to head to the meeting room!" Umbra called after her, and then proceeded down the tunnels.

As the minions gathered around the table, Umbra checked each of them off on a list. Nutello, Huntress, Skittles, Milne, and  bunch of other minions. Umbra smiled to herself. Newbie 3 did a good job.
"Settle down, settle down!" she called as the minions began murmuring among themselves.
"On my trip around the world," Umbra began. "I found this." She tossed a satchel onto the table. Out spilled out some odd-looking devices sealed in plastic.
"I've found these after defeating some of Scoobeedo's minions. I've covered them just in case they're spying devices or would blow up or something. Does anyone know what they are?"
She glanced over at Nutello, but addressed all the minions. "They seem like some sort of-"
A flash of lightning made them all jump.
"The lower tunnels have flooded!" a minion hurried over, brandishing a piece of paper on a clipboard. The paper had a bunch of graphs and charts on it. Umbrello leaped out of her seat. "Never mind! Get some buckets and tubes. We gotta flush the water out. Meeting dismissed!"
And everybody hurried out.

Author's Note: You like?


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  2. Huntress then proceeds to run around punching everything.

  3. An idea of how to write the story is to do a group document on google docs cause I am pretty sure you all have a gmail. Then you can write the blog and have everyone be able to approve in n' all together.

  4. Sir when shall this continue I am waiting to see the name Playdo once more...